shaman music.become beautiful soul.

Just by listening, a beautiful soul is born.


It is a music that has healing effects on the mind and body like the hot spring effect and good luck effect.

It is a pop music composed by shamans and composed of various healing frequencies.


This is shaman music

Just by listening, a beautiful soul is born.


It also soothes the mind and body like a hot spring effect.


What's more! 

 just by listening.


"Heals unnecessary things," "Relaxes the brain," "become who one is"

"Pulling wonderful things"…


In addition to the above, there are many other efficacy.


On YouTube, we're going to be able to do this

Only 30-50% of CDs

can't get the good luck effect.


Therefore, please use CD download if you want to get the good luck effect.


The effect of making your soul beautiful and transparent is the same for both YouTube and CD.



Create a beautiful soulIt's magical pop music.


Just listening to it has a clearing effect on the soul.


People who are active in the world have transparent subconsciousness(Soul)!


People who have been active for a long time in the world,

in those who don't

There is a big difference in "subconsciousness"


If you look into it as a celebrity, you can see it at a glance.


With more than 80% transparency, "subconsciousness" has the power to open up and sustain life without hesitation.


Even if you are 10% transparent, you will definitely be 100% transparent.



Once every 2.6 seconds, effective frequencies such as solfeggio frequencies enter the music.


I hope this music will create a healthy soul and have a lot of luck effects.






『空と月』: Sky and Moon


Good luck effect

●Healing the mind ●Healing the body ●Recovering fatigue ●Cleaning energy ●Balancing the mind and body ●Improve concentration To go up the level of good fortune

『月の裏側まで』:Far beyond the m00n


|Good luck effect|

●Improve work luck ●Improve efficiency ●Improve motivation ●Lovely attraction ●Improve mental purity ●Be positive ●Get lucky


『恋という名のものがたり』:  Love story


Good luck effect

●The power to move forward ●The heart becomes thicker ●Full of confidence ●The penetration of self-love ●Healing sorrow ●The negative is gone

 ●Of a soul, to become stronger


『誕生日』: Birthday


Good luck effect

●Cleaning mind, healing, and revitalizing the mind ●Return to an honest heart ●Be honest ●More affection ●More affluence ●I understand myself Have no sense of inferiority Become   connection to earth and body



『金星』: Venus


Good luck effect

●Peace of mind ●relax of the body and brain ●Make it feel flat●mental and physical sedation

The trick is to listen to it repeatedly anytime, Both the lucky effect and the soul clearing effect are enhanced.

Let's listen to it many times to relieve the tiredness of the day!

You can ask on your way home!!!


The effect of recovering from mental and physical fatigue is outstanding.


It also has excellent purification power.disgusting intention will also be removed.


It also has the effect of regaining vitality.    The song is…

【Sky and Moon】

Listen to it in the car!


If you listen to it before you go to work, your sales will increase! Become a positive mind!Everything goes well easily!


I'm getting a customer's voice.


The song is…

【Far beyond the m00n】

Please listen to it repeatedly on the street corner.


It has the effect of healing deep sorrow.


It also thickens the heart.

It's overflowing with the power to move forward.
The song is…

 【Love story】


Your spirit can always be fresh.


Please listen quietly.


If you lose your honesty, just listening to this will bring back the true personality of you.

The song is…



When you want to relax your brain and body, please listen to it repeatedly on the bed.


There will be many effects for those who are busy with their brains!!!!!

The song is…



Listen to it it over and over again.while you're taking a walk!!


The soul clearing effect increases!!


The power of the soul increases!!

The song is…


You can diagnose the transparency of the soul !! Please feel free to apply.It is 2,200 yen in Japanese yen. ↓ ↓ ↓

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What we need is

I want to know your full name.

You can find out the rest by the information you registered.


if it is difficult to read

You may have a photo of your face.



I will find out and answer within 48 hours.


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